DATE June 25, 2019 9:00 a.m.

1.       Call to order

2.       According to the opens meeting act, it has been posted on the wall in the back of the room for anyone to view.

3.       Roll Call

4.       Pledge of Allegiance

5.       9:05 a.m. Board of Equalization Leroy Bast, treasurer vehicle exemption 1999 Ford van, Fairbury Foursquare Church



(NOTE: these are items of business that are routine which are expected to be adopted without dissent.

Items are automatically approved when the consent agenda is approved unless an item is REMOVED by a Commissioner or any member of the public. Removed items will be placed under New Business for action by the County Board.)


1.       Approval of June 18, 2019 minutes

2.       Skip Flu program funding request $3275

3.       Region V Systems FY 19-20 Agreement for Emergency Protective Custody services

4.       Approve Resolution 2019-6 assign unexpended funds to over expended funds


REGULAR AGENDA discussion/action items



1.       9:15 a.m. Alan Rosenthal, Ambulance Director report on department

2.       9:45 a.m.

3.       10:00 a.m. Amanda VanAsperen, drug court signing Interlocal agreement

4.       10:15 a.m. Leroy Bast, treasurer Quarterly report

5.       10:30 a.m.

6.       10:45 a.m. Crystal Dewey, FYI Center annual report

7.       11:30 a.m. Carmen Hinman, Hope Crisis Center annual report

8.       Approve claims &/or payroll

9.       Quarterly visit and inspection of jail

10.    12:00 noon lunch

11.    Comments by the Public


The County Board reserves the right to go into executive session in accordance with Section 84-1410.


Kristina Riggle

Kristina Riggle,

Jefferson County Clerk


The Above Agenda Is Open Until 24 Hours Prior To The Meeting And Is Subject To Change To Include Emergency Items.