DATE February 16, 2016, 9:00 a.m.


1.       Call to order

2.       According to the opens meeting act, it has been posted on the wall in the back of the room for anyone to view.

3.       Roll Call

4.       9:05 a.m. Board of Equalization



(NOTE: these are items of business that are routine which are expected to be adopted without dissent. Items are automatically approved when the consent agenda is approved unless an item is REMOVED by a Commissioner or any member of the public. Removed items will be placed under New Business for action by the County Board.)

1.      Approval of minutes of February 9, 2016




5.       Correspondence


6.       9:15 a.m. - Bill Hansel Highway Superintendent report on department; right of way agreements; 1 & 6 Year Road Improvement Plan.


7.       9:30 a.m. -


8.       9:45 a.m. -


9.       10:00 a.m. General Assistance


10.    10:15 a.m.


11.    10:30 a.m. Jane Ford Witthoff, Health director of Public Health Solutions update on PHS priority issues


12.    10:45 a.m.


13.    11:00 a.m.


14.    Approve payroll claims


15.    Courthouse renovations Travis Arnold


16.    12:00 noon lunch


17.    1:00 p.m. hearing of application of permissive exemptions for organizations seeking tax exemptions.


18.    Comments by the Public


The County Board reserves the right to go into executive session in accordance

with Section 84-1410.

M. Cynthia Newman

M. Cynthia Newman

Jefferson County Clerk